What Type of Home Do You Have?

Colonial HomeWhen it comes time to paint the exterior of your home, it helps to know what style or type of home you own. The northeastern states are blessed with a wide variety of new and older home styles, with some even dating back centuries. Because of this there are a lot of different types of homes spread out through the southern New Hampshire and eastern Massachusetts regions.

Every aspect of your exterior painting project, from choosing the colors to selecting the type of paint that will be used, will benefit from consultation with a professional painter that has experience working with homes in the area. While there are no limits to the colors you can choose, a painting contractor can help you to make choices that will enhance your home and add value.

Colonial Style
Homes in this style were either built in the early 18th Century or were influenced by it. This type of home is a reflection of the homes that the Colonists knew from the countries they came from including France, Spain and England. Some more specific styles of homes that come from the American Colonial period include French Colonial, Spanish Colonial, Georgian, Federal, First Period English and Early Classic Revival. Other popular styles include Dutch Colonial, Spanish Eclectic, Colonial Revival and of course the ever-popular New England Colonial.

Some of the features found in Colonial Style homes that should be properly accented in your exterior painting project include paired chimneys and a front door with a decorative crown above and narrow windows on either side. Choosing paint colors and schemes that will highlight and complement these unique features will put your Colonial Style home in the best light.

Victorian Style
Homes that are considered to be Victorian Style were built during a particular era when Queen Victoria of Britain ruled in the late 1800s. The architecture from this era is easily recognizable, however there are distinct styles within the overall Victorian period such as the Queen Anne, Second Empire, Richardsonian Romanesque, Stick and Shingle.

Some of the most notable features of Victorian Style homes include a wide porch that extends the length of the side walls of the home, shingles that are textured, front-facing gables and a roof that is irregularly pitched. Your exterior painting project should highlight these features through the use of well-chosen paints to maximize the impact of the home.

Romantic Style
American homes that were built in this style reflect an era when our country was trying to move away from English cultural influences. Inspired by castles, cathedrals and other styles from the Renaissance era as well as Greek and Roman architecture, the Romantic Style homes that were built in the mid-1800s embraced these ideas and added American features. Some styles that are included in the Romantic Style are Italianate, Greek Revival and Gothic Revival.

Some of the more prominent features of this style include bold moldings, decorative pilasters, pitched roofs, pinnacles, columns, uniquely-shaped windows, gables and asymmetrical floor plans. Highlighting these unique features with color and attention to detail will bring out all the style and revelry of this glorious period in American architecture history.

Modern Style
Influenced by the great architects of the early 20th century, many of the Modern Style homes that we see today include features made popular by well-known designers Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe, Frank Lloyd Wright and others. These homes were created to be built quickly and inexpensively, while adding style, function and flair to the housing landscape. Specific styles found within the Modern Style include Art Deco, Art Moderne, Ranch, International, Craftsman and Prairie.

Typical features found within homes that were build in the early 1900s include lower pitched or even flat roofs, large porch supports, wide overhanging eaves, decorative beams, windows and doors with minimal decoration, smooth walls and simple floor plans. Paying homage to the architects that popularized these features by enhancing them with color is a great way to boost your home’s curb appeal and value.

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